Great Grand Master Al Tracy

Grandmaster Al Tracy and his brother Jim began studying Kenpo with Ed Parker and James Ibrao in 1957 and each were promoted to black belt in 1962. Over time the Tracy brothers developed a close relationship with Mr. Parker, and soon began teaching all the beginner and intermediate classes. The Tracy brothers would also run Mr. Parker’s studio when he would periodically return to Hawaii.

The Tracy brothers created belt manuals (which contained 40 techniques per belt at that time) and gave the techniques names, like Attacking Circle, Raising the Staff, etc. Ed Parker turned the Kenpo Karate Association of America (KKAA) over to the Tracy brothers and then formed the International Kenpo Karate Association (IKKA). The Tracy brothers then agreed to join the IKKA, on the condition that they could keep the standards of teaching for their own students. The Tracy brothers later opened schools throughout California, as well as other states, and formed the Tracy’s International Studios of Self-Defense.


GM Ted Sumner

Ted Sumner began his martial arts training with the Tracy Brothers in San Jose, California in November of 1963. He received extensive training as an instructor and began teaching for the Tracy’s at their San Carlos Street dojo in San Jose in October of 1967. He was awarded his Black Belt on October 11, 1968, one week before his 18th birthday. Ted moved to the Tracy’s Santa Clara school where he served as Head Instructor until 1975. During that time Ted trained such notable students as Jay T. Will, Ray Arquilla, Doug MacLeod and Mark Tracy.


GM Roger Greene

During my over 50 years of Martial Arts study, I have been repeatedly asked “what is the best way….?”, or some other formulation of the same question. There are literally thousands of answers to that question, yet the answers are virtually all the same. The best way is the way that works.

I remember the frustration that I experienced during my early years as a martial arts student when I asked my Sensei should this be done this way or that and he would answer “both ways are good”. Why wouldn’t he tell me the RIGHT WAY? His answer slammed me right back into the question. STUDY IT YOURSELF, YOU HAVE THE ANSWER!


GM Bart Vale

World champion shootfighter Bart Vale is one of the pioneers of mixed martial arts in the United States. Vale began his training in kenpo karate in Miami in 1970 with the Al Tracy organization. He currently holds a 10th degree black belt in Chinese Kenpo.  He has competed in Shootfighting, kickboxing and no-holds-barred matches in Japan, the United States and Russia for the UWF, Fujiwara Gumi, Rings, K-1 and Extreme Fighting and also promoted the first professional shootfighting matches held outside of Japan.

One of the only martial artists ever featured in Sports Illustrated, Vale has also been the subject of magazine articles in Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness as well as appearing on MTV and CNN. The author of the book, Shootfighting: The Ultimate Martial Art, he has appeared in several movies including Invasion USA. His Miami-based organization, the ISFA, has over 20 affiliated gyms and martial arts schools around the world to help promote the sport of Shootfighting.

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